...is an innovative material made from pineapple leaf fibers.

Because it has a similar texture to animal skin, it is also called vegan skin, but it is much more superior when it comes to sustainability. Its production does not require any additional fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, but only leaves that would otherwise be left to rot on the ground. A variety of colors is achieved with natural pigments.

Piñatex is high quality, light, pliable and attractive, and at the same time incredibly strong and resistant. It is so durable that it makes a great alternative to leather for furniture upholstery, giving it an attractive, rustic note. However, it is mostly used in the fashion industry and is used to make clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry …

Piñatex is obtained by special production processes and it all starts in the Philippines where local farmers collect pineapple leaves, extract the fibers and dry them. After that this semi-finished product is shipped to Spain and Italy to be prepared for use.


To keep the Piñatex bag in top condition for as long as possible, it is advisable to coat it with natural wax. In addition to protecting, it also gives the bag a nice patina. Dirt is cleaned with a soft cloth, soaked in lukewarm water with a little mild shampoo.